Release date: 2014-01-24
Recording: Jérôme Indermühle
Assistant Recording: Sacha Baptista
Mixing: Jérôme Indermühle @Trilogy Studio
Mastering: Jean-Pierre @La Source Mastering
Artwork: Nathan Dupouy
Label: Auenland Records
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1. Financial Love05:12
2. The Way She Moves04:07
3. Mr. Hyde's Bright Side03:17
4. Set You Free04:06
5. Back and Forth03:49
6. Hangover 03:49
7. Superman 03:44
8. Merry-Go-Round04:32
9. Stereo04:24
10. Nice To Meet You04:26
11. The Guilt04:12
12. Blood Is Blue04:05
13. To The Ones Who Wait04:28
14. Rain In My Eyes04:58